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Read more about Digi Dorx and its founder, Steven Van Rooyen

About Steven Van Rooyen

While studying a BCom Marketing Management at the University of Johannesburg, Steve started Digi Dorx in 2014 with a business partner to pitch on a company’s social media tender. Unfortunately their first pitch didn’t go as planned and Steve decided to enter the job market.

Steve worked at a number of small to medium sized digital marketing agencies. He started his digital career as a social media manager for some of SA’s top brands and slowly worked his way to becoming a campaign manager. By passing all the Google Ads exams he managed to secure roles at leading media and digital agencies. Before returning to Digi Dorx full time – Steve worked for a medium sized WPP agency as the Paid Media Lead.

Some of the accounts Steve worked on:

What Makes Digi Dorx Different:

Over the years we have refined our strategic approach to Digital Marketing. We have learnt that the success of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns is critical for the success of our business. We will continue to always push the limits, test our methods and optimise campaigns to achieve maximum success for our clients.  

Digital marketing can still be confusing for business owners/marketing managers. So that is why, we at Digi Dorx, partner with our clients to help them reach their overall business objectives. 

Digi Dorx works with numbers and not assumptions. The team will always try to launch a campaign with clear KPIs. They will also try their best to get their clients’ the highest ROI on all marketing activities.

Digital Marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. The team at Digi Dorx tries to keep clients’ management/project fees low so that they can allocate as much of the marketing budget to ad spend.

As Digital Marketing evolves, the team loves looking for new tech that can help their clients reach their marketing goals.

Some Of Digi Dorx Clients: